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Our cloud connected system provides you with automated web accessibility testing helping your organization stay in compliance with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. Our automated tester will also check your site speed, look for broken links, and even spell check your content.

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Why should you perform website accessibility testing?

You need to ensure that your website can be used by your broadest audience. This includes catering to individuals who may need extra accommodations when browsing the web.  Improvements can be as simple as contrast between  text and background colors, to more significant changes which better assist visitors using a screen reader in order to navigate.

Having great accessibility improves everyone’s site experience. It can also improve your overall search engine optimization. And, it’s the law.

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Automated Website Accessibility Testing

Our automated tools will scan your entire publicly accessible website. This is the first step towards accessibility compliance. The generated report will outline any errors with which your web development team can improve upon. Depending on your selected plan, a certain set of pages will automatically and periodically be scanned with a delivered report sent right to your inbox. Once your website is compliant you will be able to proudly display our badge.

Our automated scans won’t be able to catch everything which is why, for the best results, we also recommend manually testing your website.

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Manual website accessibility testing

The automated scans are performed by our artificial intelligence engine that has been programmed to assess websites based on the WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 specifications.  This includes simple tests like ensuring you have alt text on your images, to more complex background-to-text contrast checking.

However, the real test for a website is whether or not it can actually be used by someone with a visual or mental impairment.  Our manual test puts one of our team members in front of your website using screen readers and other accessibility tools.

We’ll look at key areas of your website to ensure that a visitor can actually use it and suggest any additional improvements.

Fixing website accessibility issues

If you do not have a web development team that has the resources or experience to actually remedy your website accessibility issues you can submit your report to us for an estimate to resolve them.  

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