Website Accessibility Testing

Accessible Metrics ensures ADA and Section 508 compliance with automated monthly website scans.

Accessible Metrics Features

See accessibility errors

Get a clear picture of your website’s accessibility with a simple breakdown of found errors and passed accessibility tests.

Fix broken links

Accessible Metrics will automatically alert you of any broken links on your website as well as where to find and fix them.

Receive monthly reports

You will receive a simple monthly report via email every month, detailing your website’s accessibility and any errors since last month’s scan.

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Why do you need website accessibility testing ?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508, government entities and businesses are required to make their online resources equally accessible to everyone. Along with proper remediation, website accessibility testing is needed on a regular basis to ensure everyone online can view and use pages on your website equally, regardless of any impairments. Since most websites change weekly if not daily, automated website accessibility testing is the only way to effectively monitor compliance on an ongoing basis.

Is your website compliant?